Set off ripples on the mirrored surface of the Kandalama Lake.

Welcome to Amaya Signature

A holiday haven nestled under the shade of towering trees and located on the edge of Kandalama Lake awaits you. Offering you a unique experience of solitude and surreal serenity, that stands out amongst other hotels in Dambulla, Sri Lanka, while being shrouded in nature’s warmth; welcome to Amaya Signature.


Step into a world of paradisiacal wonder. Bask in rustic elegance as birdsong drifts through a wide open balcony. Enjoy a warm cup of aromatic tea as the soft evening sun winks through a gently swaying forest canopy. Let velvet moonlight tuck you in as your plush bedroom brings you untroubled sleep and sweet dreams. Learn the true meaning of tranquility and unity with nature, during your stay with us at our Kandalama hotel in Dambulla.



Adorned with rustic charm, Amaya Signature suites embrace the radiance of forested paradise and exudes lavish comfort and enchanting grace.


Luxury Suite 

A union of culture, elegance and unspoilt wilderness

  • Size – Sq.ft. 771
  • Occupancy – 3 adults


Signature Premium Suite  

  • Size – Sq.ft. 771
  • Occupancy – 3 adults


Family Suite

A shared adventure with loved ones.

  • Size – Sq.ft. 771
  • Occupancy – 4 adults or 3 adults and 2 children



Set off ripples on the mirrored surface of the Kandalama Lake as you wade in on an oruwa. In Dambulla, things to do vary from exploring the traditional village of Kapela on a bullock cart to hiking through ironwood forests and over the Rose Quartz mountains. Venture into the world of palmistry, follow chattering monkeys to a prehistoric cave complex and discover ancient ruins that still boast the majesty and might of bygone kingdoms. At Signature, adventure is always at your doorstep.

Amaya Signature is perfectly based in the middle of Sri Lanka’s Cultural Triangle. With ample things to do in Kandalama, begin your explorations here, let them take you past ponds overflowing with lotus flowers and up rickety stone steps to Kashyapa’s rock castle, a palace in the skies. Venture into ancient caves reverberating with spiritual wonder, walk with holy locals on a religious pilgrimage to each of the sacred Atamasthana, where legend states Lord Buddha himself once visited.

The Dambulla Caves in Sri Lanka is the largest temple complex on the island. Frescoes on the cave walls depict enthralling tales of deities and ancient kings, where you’ll learn of the demon Mara, who tried to tempt Prince Siddhartha and a vivid illustration of Lord Buddha’s first sermon. Intricate statues built in worship of the Buddha fill the caves’ interior, they offer a glimpse into the religious life of local people who leave offerings of bright flowers at their base.

Journey to the summit of the ancient rock fortress in Sigiriya, Sri Lanka, known as Lion Rock, where the ruins of King Kashyapa’s great castle sits. Learn of his betrayal and the impenetrable fortress he built in fear of retribution. Discover moats and landscaped gardens that remain self-sufficient to this very day, see the beautiful frescoes painted on the rock face and witness the true enormity of the stone lion that guards the entrance to the castle above.