Where does one begin after receiving the highest standard of service?

Myself and my father, who is partially sighted, were provided with the highest form of travel advice and service from Ismail and his team at Paradise Isle Holidays. From the word go Ismail was able to book the complete package, by listening to our requirements and matching the appropriate hotel and flights. Ismail clearly understood that my father had not been to Karachi, Pakistan for 20 plus years and this was an important trip for him. Ismail and his team made sure everything was covered from getting us to the airport and arranging transfers to the hotel, there was an emphasis on the finer details.

My father would like to say a big thank you to Ismail and everyone at Paradise Isle Holidays, in his own words “Paradise Isle Holidays made me feel like a VIP from the start to the end of my trip, God bless you all”

Raf Aziz and Family